Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy dizzy

Hi there (if anyone is still reading this) so we have been crazy busy around here with Bryant's therapy starting. I'm in a constant state of thinking about the best ways to improve his speech, how to help him learn that other people are nice and that he shouldn't cry every time he makes eye contact with someone new, and how to encourage him to make friends. It's mentally and emotionally exhausting. I hope that I am doing the right things for him. Anywho, we do manage to sneak away and squeeze some fun in every once in a while. Here are some pics :)

I needed a carmel apple fix the other night. Bryant just wanted the apple (sans carmel).
So weird.

I had to sneak this in. Bryant's teacher sent this to me and he is ACTUALLY sitting and playing with other kids in his class. She said that he has been doing slightly better. wahoo.

Bryant's school was cancelled a day so we went to farm country with my friend Mary and her son Issac. I think Bryant could ride horses all day long.

I love this picture :) Bryant and his cousin Simon in the tub tub.They are so cute.

Here I am learning how to can tomatoes at my parents house. I got the crappy job of blanching them. Nat, of course, was sitting and cutting them up after. She always gets the easy job :)

Well I'm off to another class on how to play with Bryant the "right" way. haha

Also, I'm going to my cabin this weekend. I can't wait. It's my peaceful happy place, I wish I could take you all with me so you could experience it.

Have a good weekend!


Dee said...

Just so you know, I ALWAYS read your blog. LOVE the bathtub pic. So cute! It's fun to see the pic of Bry Guy sitting with the other kids - progress! And, yes, I love your cute bangs! Love you! Mama B.

Deborah said...

i love that bryant and simon are pulling the same "bottom lip sticking out" face.

Marce said...

i am a faithful follower Bec! Never stop.

Wish i was at your cabina.....sounds marvelous.

and you're like the best, prettiest, most talented canner mom i know! look at you, miss domestic! jealous :)


BellaMamma said...

I'm glad that Bryant is doing so well. You look awesome, as usual. :) PS - I have The Book Thief for you... hopefully one of these days. We are waiting for Baby to arrive - and I'm hoping it's sooner than later, but we'll see.

Momma Cope said...

Becca you're cool.