Friday, October 14, 2011

Catch all post...

I wish I was one of those people who could do multiple posts and cover everything, but alas I'm lazy so I like to shove it all in to one. wahoo. We went to my cabin. It was awesome. Bryant even played with his cousins (after an intense play session of pretending we were all snakes he finally came around). He now talks about his cousin Ava all of the time, and calls her his "friend".

In other news, Travis has been gone for work all week. It has been one LONG week. I was thinking the other day how boring life (sometimes) becomes once you get married and have kids. I'm not even saying that in a negative way, it's just fact. ha. Sometimes I feel like I'm waiting for something exciting to hit. I just want to get on a plane and fly far far away. Maybe I just need a break, Bryant's occupational therapist pulled me aside in his class and said that I needed to leave Bryant with more family members. I think I look haggard or angry or bitter (ha), she was concerned about me. ha. Love it.

Pines Ranch in the fall is so beautiful!

I still think my husband is super sexy even after 4 yrs of marriage.

Cute. funny :)

Also, is anyone else obsessed with monochromatic outfits lately? I don't know if it's my obsession with Mad Men, or Emma's outfits off of glee, but I can't get enough. My mom surprised me with a teal pencil skirt and blouse from jcrew. It is seriously beautiful. What is it about jcrew's pencil skirts that are just so amazing? You just feel them and know that they are going to last forever. Thanks Mom for taking pity on your drab drab daughter and buying me some nice clothes. I know it's totally superficial but having something new to wear makes me feel better about myself.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Travis is finally home tonight so I'm pawning Bryant off on him and am going to go see a movie. Any recommendations? Footloose? That movie with Brad Pitt? The lion king 3D? ha I crack myself up.


Michelle Catts said...

I'm obsessed with Mad Men and Joan. Maybe because she gives me hope I won't have ugly, red head babies but the really beautiful kind?

Siobhan said...

(So glad I'm the beautiful kind of redhead. Phew! ;)

1. When can we come to your cabin.
2. Are you watching Mad Men now?? I stopped-- Don Draper broke my heart too many times.
3. Um where is the picture of your monochromatic teal outfit?
4. Brad Pitt.

deanna said...

I witnessed the MadMen line at J. Crew last week and I can testify it is gorgeous.