Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Favorite Things....

Travis helping Bryant write his name on Valentines. So adorable.
Hi people.  In honor of Valentines day I did a guest post on my friend's blog about my favorite things.  If you want to read it go  HERE

Fair warning, I was totally drugged on cold medicine so there are a few mistakes that make me sound like a complete crazy person.  Guess I should have read through that one more time before sending it. ha.  


Here are a few pics from Instagram that I'm in love with (and since it IS valentines day...)

Ps.  I can't stop taking pictures of myself. It's really narcissistic and weird.  I have about 20 pics on my phone that look like this.  Stop it Becca. Stop it.  Short hair is apparently tripping me out.  

Love love love,