Friday, June 1, 2012

St. George....

So at the very last minute last wednesday we decided to head down to St. George for the weekend and memorial day.  I LOVE St. George.  We always hit up our favorite restaurants, go swimming, eat lots and lots, and hang out around a fire at night.  It was Epic :) Bryant was so happy to finally see his dad (who is gone A LOT for school/work/church stuff).  Nat invited her boss and his wife down for the weekend too and they brought model airplanes.  Bryant was in heaven :)

Ps.  Ignore the ugly picture of me up there.  My hair is in the ugly grow out phase where it hits my shoulders and starts to flip out (9th grade style).  It's pretty awesome.  I'm torn whether I want to cut it again or grow it out.  decisions decisions.  Ok off to red box to rent stupid movies for the night.  woot woot.



Michelle Catts said...

May I suggest renting Hugo? I'm pretty sure Trav is dying to see that one again. You have the CUTEST little family. Oh, I miss the Copes!

jessH said...

Looking cute! Isn't St. George so fun. I will miss this place :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

Fun Pictures! I'm so glad you guys went. Sounds like it's always a party with you guys in St. George. We missed you guys this week! We'll see you soon!

Ps. It's pretty impossible to have an ugly picture of you... dork. You're gorgeous.

Marce said...

I'm getting kind of sick ofy ou guys going to St George without us. I thought we were your friends? WTF?

and i think your hair is HOTT! i still don't know what the crap to do with mine. did i tell you how i got a hair cut (just wanted a trim) before we went to Mexico and she totally butched the front of it? it was a girl in the stake, who was wayyy cheaper than anyone else out here (i now see why) and yeah she thinned it all out weird and i look like i have a sexy (NOT) mullet thing going on in the front. i was/am so pissed about it. and am still trying to figure out how to fix it...and i can't tell anyone here how much i hate it because that woudl be rude and awkward. UGH. drama. anyway. i hate hair so much.

back to St George. we really want to come again sometime! like really really. missing you lots- and don't think that's ever gonna change. HUG!