Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bad Poitical Decisions...

So, a strange mix of procrastination and boredom hit me tonight as I was supposed to be finishing (aka starting) a 15 page research paper. So 'lil ol Beccers and myself decided to do what all bored people do when they're expecting a baby soon... we morphed our pictures together online to see what baby Bryant would look like 24 years from now. The result was neither pleasant nor comforting. In fact, this little guy doesn't really stand much of a chance in life unless he aspires to be a gay cowboy or a cross dresser. Even more discouraging is the fact that Becca just leaned over to me and said (a direct quote mind you), "It's really not that creepy. It just looks like you, really." In complete and utter seriousness. My public response, "You're a jerk-face."
So, here's the disturbing result and the apparent fruit of my loins...

Seriously, if this picture were any more femanine I would demand another ultrasound to confirm that he is, in fact, a male.

Now of course the fun couldn't stop there. So I'm just going to shoot down my chances of running for future public office right now and post a few more morphs for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure?).

This is lovely product of a Travis and Vanessa Hudgens (Only because Becca can't stand her). Me thinks this is not a match made in cute baby heaven.
This is the point in this blog where I begin to question why I'm doing this and making it public for all to see.

Becca+ Brad Pitt= Clown- Makeup
Now I feel a little better. It's a shame it can't last.
And finally, the worst of the worst, only because she said I must... Some guy (not me of course) and Lance "Yes-I'm-Officially-Out-Of-The-Closet" Bass.

Um, yeah...I think carefully chosen words are a neccesity at this point. I love my wife. Alot. We're having a baby together. I'm straight. The End.


Rees and Becca said...

I was laughing my head off! That is hihlarious - I've never tried that before. Ah the inspiration - If only I had the time to be bored. Enjoy it while you can.

nat & aaron said...

wha ha ha. laughing. funniest post yet