Monday, December 29, 2008


I have decided after this weekend that I am going into hibernation until January 31. No joke. Every single store I went into this weekend a little old woman would approach me and say that I looked like I was about ready to, quote, "pop." Awesome.

Anyway, Christmas was AWESOME. Food, food, food, more food, guitar hero, & movies. I loved every minute of it. Oh and pictures to follow of more crafting fun for Bryant's nursery. I actually learned how to sew curtains (not very well though). My mom's talent for sewing makes me jealous. Hopefully I can learn to sew a straight line one of these days without cursing at my sewing machine once or twice. haha.

Guess what I learned. Fabric comes in standard sizes of 45', 54', and and and and. I can't remember the last one. Fascinating for the ignorant like me. :)

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