Friday, December 19, 2008

Will work for food...(seriously though, I will...)

As of today I am semi-officially a college grad. For those of you who know me well, you know that the past 4 years have not been the most fun of my life, but somehow I've managed to push through a major which was not particularly within my interest or my personal strengths. I'm forcing myself to release a small sigh of relief at the prospect of being done with school, for the time being anyways. Can I get a hallelujah?

Nevertheless, life goes on, and unfortunantly, continues with its surprises and challenges. I'm not sure how many of our readers out there have heard, but economic trends are not particularly desirable lately, making the job search a rather depressing and tediously discouraging task. While this is in no way a plea for sympathy (that's next week's post), I am wondering if anyone is aware of any possibilities which may be of interest to an ambitious, hard-working young man such as myself. I've found through the past few months' experience that networking is far and away the best way to get my foot in the door these days. So, please, don't go out of your way, and don't cash in any IOU's with your powerful executive friends, but if you are aware of any possiblities, just know that I am more than happy to consider them. Feel free to drop me a line and ask for a resume, references, or any other info. which interests you.

Thanks friends.


Champion Family said...

I'm not sure what your major is so I'm not sure if I know anyone that can help or not, but one thing Rand and I found very helpful for him was doing internships(preferably paying, though it's not a ton of money and usually no benefits "Hello Medicaid"). He did this through grad school and it helped tons to get him the job he has now which he loves.

Chris, Deb and the Ava Jayne said...

Contact my dad. He's a recruiting genius and has contacts everywhere.
send him your resume, remind him who you are and he'll get it to some pretty awesome HR folk.

Kathleen said...

If you've got the right knowledge, My husband's company in Orem has still been hiring and he'd be willing to pass your resume along. send a resume to zcochran (at symbol)