Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fabric Headboards....

Hi there. 

Want to know what's been going on?

We are building a house. (what?! yes).  Crazy.  After looking for a house to buy for about 2 months and making multiple offers which didn't work out, we decided to build a house in Lehi.  This is such a scary thing for me, but I felt right about our decision so hopefully it all works out as planned.  I am so thrilled to finally be leaving our little apartment. It's been a happy 3 yrs, but it feels like it's time to move on.  I'm hoping that I can make a lot of friends and get a life soon :)  ha.  More to come later.

I've been taking care of the Bry Guy all day long :)  In case you didn't know Bryant is the cutest little boy ever.  He has lots of funny quirks such as calling a ball a "gall", putting a blanket on his head while running full out around the house, and saying HI (loudly) to everyone who passes by at Target.  haha.  It makes me laugh just thinking about it.  Ps. for my mom: He can point out every ball, toothbrush, dog, moon, sun, and of course "elmo" in his ELMO book.  Oh and next time you see him ask him what a monkey says and you will not be disappointed. ha

I'm thinking about making a fabric headboard.  I need a creative outlet, and I've been obsessed with cool headboards lately.  Such as this:

 I LOVE the headboard, the "mirror side tables", the lamps, and the cool wallpaper. Oh and I love how everything is neutral with a pop of blue.  I'm hoping to try and recreate it cheaply someday.  Too bad this bed is about $4,000.

Go here to check out this awesome but ridiculously expensive website :)

Anyway, a picture post of all Bryant is coming soon for Grandma Barnes. Party.


Natalie said...

Hey Becca, so I found your blog and I hope you don't mind me stopping in every once in a while. Your little boy is so cute! And I love the fabric covered headboard. I have been wanting to make one for my little girl (when she's out of her crib) and I found an easy tutorial for a pretty plain one here:

Here is our blog:

Sandra said...

This is very cool. I think we could make this with Trav's help! A little velvet, a little piping, a little lace, a piece of cut out wood- piece of cake! Love it! Can't wait to hear the little monkey!

Marce said...

i love this. i keep coming back and lusting after that room. it's so chic. and yet so simple. totally beautiful.

i can't wait to see pictures of your house!! so exciting.

love you and miss you always!

Dee said...

Love the headboard! I remember doing fun projects like that once upon a time - before I got old and decided I don't want to own or do anything any more. Now I just like admiring other people's projects.
I am anxious to see pics here and there of the progress on the house. I'll be checking often to see Bry guy pics on the blog! love you!!