Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Thoughts

Warning: I think the constant nauseousness has made me crazy and REALLY cynical.

So I have decided I have a pet peeve that drives me crazy when other people do. Travis and I went to go see Wall-E the other night (and of course went to the late movie to avoid the flocks of annoying children. I know I know I'm having a kid but I can't really stand other people's kids? weird I know). Anywho I can't stand it when people think something is just so hilarious that they have to laugh out loud really hard and then nudge the person next to them and EXPLAIN what was so funny. It's Wall-E!! This movie is made for kids who need booster seats in the theater. We all understand what was funny. So tone it down a little so the rest of us can enjoy the movie without wanting to slap you and your girlfriend silly. Oh I feel better now. haha

On a more positive note I did think the movie was really well made and I love that pixar is so genius that they can make you fall in love with an old dirty non-talking robot in the first 2 minutes of watching. Love it.

Anyway one last final comment. I want everyone to know that I am not totally cold-hearted. I do love SOME kids. Like my niece, nephews (Jackson included), and REALLY good looking children. haha.

The End.


Janessa said...

I loved WALL-E! I went to see it with some kids I was nannying for in California and I did have to explain most of it to the 4-year-old, but still loved it.

PS. Your baby will be beautiful. So of course you're going to love it.

Travis said...

I're both crazy and cynical...but I love you none-the-less...

Leo said...

Trav I love the colors you picked out. They're just SO you!