Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is what Travis wishes he could look like every time a Tennessee game comes on :)

This picture is so inappropriate. hahaha. Parents teaching their kids young.

So instead of becoming bitter every "football saturday" and wishing Travis wasn't a freaky football fan, I decided it would be better to learn the rules and watch some of the games to see if I could get into them. Travis promised that he wouldn't get bugged with me during the games if I asked him a million questions about what was going on, and I have to say the more you know about the game the more enjoyable it is to watch. CRAZY. :) This past weekend Travis and I were up at my family's cabin watching the BYU football game and for once I was the one yelling in outrage at the TV and getting anxious about how the game would end. My dad was shocked to see his girly daughter watching football AND getting into it. GOOD times. Anyway I don't know if I will watch a lot of football this year, but I've decided it's fun to watch games where I know the team AND spend more time with Travis on Saturdays :)

PS. Our big ultrasound is on Tuesday!!!!!! I can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl or twins??? yikes :)

Oh and do other pregnant girls pray that their child won't genetically inherit bad traits? I pray that my kid will be anxiety/depression free and have good skin. haha. Is that weird? My mom told me that she prayed I wouldn't end up with her feet (she HATES her feet for some reason) haha I ended up with my dad's feet. Maybe my prayers will pull through too :) I really will be perfectly happy if my "it' is healthy. Just want to make sure that "it" doesn't go through the same crappy trials. Maybe just have new ones. Mix it up a little.

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andrea.roche said...

Hey. need your guys' emails.

Ya. She's nuts. I'm totally scared. Go private. I'm all for it. Esp. with baby barnes coming.

Cute maternity clothes? BAHAHA. JK. No. There IS cute stuff, but a lot of it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I've gotten some cute basics from Target, old Navy and Gap. Do the rubber band thing tho...bc maternity jeans are HIDEOUS. haha :)