Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Utah? More like Pooh-tah!

Ok, so generally speaking I really enjoy living in Utah. Provo may not be my ideal city to raise a family in, but for the time being, it'll do. But, every year around August, Utah becomes one of my least favorite places on the planet to live.

Why, you may ask? Well, August is the month in which the registration on my Jeep expires. Those of you who have lived in Utah your whole life may not know that there are only 19 states in the US of A which require a safety test periodically. Some are every two years, others every year. I come from a state in which you never have to get your car tested. As far as I know, anyone in Tennessee who can't stop because his brakes aren't working, or see in the rain due to shredded wiper blades, is all to eager to get that fixed for their own safety. Utah, on the other hand, thinks that we all desire to drive around in cars that are basically ticking time bombs of disaster, and the only way to ensure public safety is to charge us all $47 dollars a year to have someone else tell us our car is either safe or unsafe.

Now, every other year, I simply suck it up and deal with it. They tell me I need new brakes, fine, I 'll change them myself. I need new rotor disks, fine, not a problem. E-brake needs to be tightened, okey-dokey. New tires, done and done. But, this year (mind you that I've had my car for more than one year now), I go in and they tell me that my window tint is too dark by 3%!! Seriously! So, I go off a little bit... I've passed every other year! 3%! And what gets me the worst, this is Utah!...People are allowed to drive dirt bikes on the road here! You don't even have to wear a helmet! It's totally legal and fine to ride with 39 Mexicans in the back of your pickup truck, but my window tint, which you can clearly see through in the middle of the night, from the outside of the car in a dark alley on a moonless, starless, pouring rain in the middle of nowhere night, is deemed too dangerous to have on our public roads. Give me a freaking break.

I mean, if my tint were noticeably dark or reflective or something it wouldn't be a big deal. But seriously, I've seen reading glasses with darker tint than my Jeep. So, it comes down to this... either one of you can help me out by passing along the name and number of a shop which you think might pass me, or I'll be stripping and retinting my windows this week. Maybe I'll just find a truck with only 38 passengers in the back and start carpooling?


deanna said...

Go to the gas station on Center Street on the right just before you get on the freeway. Not sure the name, but they have a drive up window where they sell ice cream. Go through, get some, then have Skeeter check your car. They do it fast and everything passes there.

Chris, Deb and the Ava Jayne said...

ok i'm so with you on this insanity. in PA you can register your car for like 4 years so you only have to go in and pay every 4th yr. stupid utards.

Champion Family said...

I have one piece of advice for you GET OUT OF UTAH!!! I'm serious, run if you have to. ;)